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Our principal investigation is a sociological study of ways design professionals participate in contentious social and political issues. Our goal is to learn how designers use their professions as sites, objects, or tools for change. 


The aims of this research are:

+ to understand ways architects, planners, and civil engineers organize for justice and equity causes, and

+ to learn how their political engagement affects the mainstream of their professions.

Most of this study involves spending time with individuals and groups engaged in political work, dissent, activism, and organizing. We conduct in-depth interviews with designers, planners, and engineers participating in these kinds of work.


We retain the anonymity of research participants. This research is approved by the University of Colorado Boulder's Institutional Review Board for research involving human subjects. This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation (Award No. 1664260). The opinions presented on this site and by this team do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF.

soft and hard infrastructures of architecture discussed at The Architecture Lobby Think-In @PrimeProduce, New York City, June 2018
Architecture Lobby Think-In, New York City, 2018
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