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Climate change disproportionately burdens the most vulnerable segments of our society, putting those with the fewest resources at greatest risk. Mass incarceration does the same, destabilizing families and communities, and derailing lives. You may be well aware of this – but have you considered the ways that these two phenomena are entangled? 

This installation introduces visitors to the ways that incarceration and climate change intersect in the United States, with each amplifying the harms inflicted by the other. Scholars, activists, and the general public are only just beginning to contend with the urgent implications of these intersections and the feedback loops they create. 

December 2022

Engineering Center

South Lobby

University of Colorado Boulder

Little Saigon Derive

In light of the recent surge in Asian-American discrimination within the US, the Dissent by Design collective is working on a small art project funded by Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC), Kaiser Permanente, and the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA), to celebrate local Asian businesses in Denver as a way to uplift and support our Asian community.

August 20, 2022

Vinh Xuong Bakery

2370 W Alameda Ave

Denver, CO

220818 Poster Mockup_Instagram.jpg

Race Conditions: an exploration of the spatial operations of whiteness

This is a working exploration of architecture’s complicity in whiteness and racism. Inspired by the work of writers and scholars such as Wendy Leo Moore, Joyce Bell, Claudia Rankine, George Lipsitz, Elijah Anderson, Katherine McKittrick, Adrienne Brown, Dianne Harris, Craig Wilkins, and Rashad Shabazz, among others, we’re hoping to contribute to theorizations of how space itself facilitates racism.

April 11 through 22, 2022

Environmental Design Gallery

University of Colorado Boulder

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 7.11.25 PM.png

Frames: seeing colorblind racism in architectural design

In our practices and our teaching, we conceptualize space as colorblind. We render those spaces as white, hegemonic, and normative. And we disengage when those spaces sustain racism. This exhibit is an exploration of architecture’s role in perpetuating forms of racism. We share our thoughts through a series of images and texts that lead to a space for reflection and contribution. We hope that you will borrow and share material to help us, collectively, think more clearly about colorblind racism in architecture.

February 3 through 8, 2020

Environmental Design Gallery

University of Colorado Boulder

2020-02-03 Frames Opening Night BW-11.jpg
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